Our Mission

At Lanston, our mission is to inspire self-confidence, a brand of confidence that is truly effortless. Be Inspired to be Yourself is about owning your individuality with wild abandon. We are all connected at hyper speed and it is so easy to lose ourselves in the current. Effortless confidence is about giving yourself permission to just be who you are and boldly loving all of yourself. When you shine, your light shines the way for others. By sharing your story, you are giving others the courage to be in their own power.

Join the movement, what inspires you to be yourself?

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Her Story

Jenay Rose

Meet Jenay Rose, a lifestyle and wellness creator based in Los Angeles. After years of searching for her path, she found yoga which ended up changing her life. Jenay is now a yoga instructor, wellness influencer, and author that inspires thousands of women every day to life their best and healthiest life.

Natalia Benson

Meet Natalia Benson, a DJ, Modern Mystic, Optimist, and the famed astrologer for Who What Wear. Throughout her years of studying astrology, she has also learned the arts of yoga, tarot card reading, and the esoteric. Natalia has been studying & reading Tarot for the last 9 years and has quickly built up her brand sharing her talent with the likes of Google, Topshop, and Bliss Skincare among many others.

Charm Ladonna

Meet Charm Ladonna, an LA native who has danced her way to the top collaborating with Kendrick Lamar, Meghan Trainor, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, & Madonna to name a few. Charm is a visionary and an artist who is constantly inspired by dance, music, acting and those around her. Fresh off of her Grammy Performance with Kendrick Lamar, Charms success will continue to skyrocket as she shares her talent with the world.

Natashia Miyazaki

Meet Natashia Miyazaki, an all around creator, entrepreneur, and owner of No Ghost Bears, a popular coffee shop in Downtown LA. Aside from opening her own coffee shop, this London born artist has taken the fashion world by storm working with various top brands and quickly making a name for herself. Natashia beams with a positive and loving attitude that constantly inspires those around her.

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