Brooke Danielson

former Vogue, Shape & Glamour editor. She is a Social media strategist, freelance stylist and writer -- not to mention a 9-time marathon runner

What inspires you to be yourself

To be yourself is to be authentic. Authenticity is everything to me, particularly in this time where many people are representing an image that, perhaps, isn’t true to their core. Throughout the years I have done an extraordinary amount of work on myself to be better, do better and live a “full life”, as I struggled with my self-worth and esteem as a teen. Today, I am proud of who I am because of the struggles I have overcome and the work I have put in to achieve happiness, a sense of peace and calm. The work; It’s a muscle I flex daily.

What have you learned about yourself through your career as an editor for major publications, as well as your health & wellness journey (9 marathons is a HUGE accomplishment!)?

I have learned that being your authentic vulnerable self is enough, and it is brave. If you can speak your truth and live each and every day with integrity, not much else matters. Additionally, I have learned how strong I am––not just physically but emotionally. Throughout my career I have faced times of great demand, whether that is copious amounts of travel or problem solving.

Marathoning in and of itself is one of the most rewarding activities I’ve taken up. Training while working full-time and traveling presented challenges, but in the end made me a better, stronger and more disciplined athlete. 

What have you found has been the most difficult obstacle to overcome? In your editorial career? As a marathon runner?

Obstacles, whether micro or macro are unavoidable. Not everyone will agree with you, so throughout my career I have had to learn to be a more active and present listener. Listening is one of the greatest tools we have as humans, but like a muscle it has to be exercised. By listening we learn.

As a marathon runner the largest obstacle for me was to remain mentally tough and not fall into old unhealthy habits. I spent the better portion of my life battling anorexia. Today I am proud of my journey because it has made me, me. Running has been an incredible source of stress relief, discipline, happiness and confidence.

What is your approach to having a healthy work/life balance?

Creating boundaries and eating a balanced diet; also making sure you take the time to shutoff when the project is complete or you have clocked out for the day. I am a firm believer of laying firm boundaries to protect your health and well-being. Most certainly you have to create a line in the sand where things negatively impact your happiness and enthusiasm to be your best self.

Sleep, exercise and eating well are key for me. To be my best self in the work place I know I must get ample sleep and eat a whole foods plant-based diet.

What inspires you most and how do you keep going once you’ve lost inspiration?

Making others happy. Giving back to the community, through running and the arts brings me great joy and inspires me. I have been an Achilles International guide for the past 5 years. The athletes I guide have taught me more about patience, strength, resilience and passion more than any other influence in my life.

Sleep, exercise and eating well are key for me. To be my best self in the work place I know I must get ample sleep and eat a whole foods plant-based diet.

What do you love about yourself?

I love my fierce drive both in my personal life and professional life, my endless curiosity to learn, listen and grow, and my deep and sincere ability to empathize.

What’s your wellness routine?

First and foremost I am a plant-based eater which includes me being oil-free (at home). What you put in your body is key. I am also a runner, skier, hiker and take pilates one to two times a week. Beyond typical exercise and eating well––sourcing organic produce and eating whole foods––I make sure to surround myself with positive people.

Environment is everything for me, so a part of my wellness routine is making my home environment as happy, healthy and beautiful as possible. It's the little things that make my environment and wellness routine better: candles, fresh flowers, cozy blankets.

Part of making my wellness routine right for me is using all-natural beauty products. Knowing I am actively omitting harsh chemicals in my beauty routine puts me at ease and also makes me feel as though I am feeding my skin the best of the best, just like my diet.

Throughout Covid, how have you adjusted your practices to fit within the new way of life?

With gyms closed and group classes cancelled, those all went out the window for me. I sometimes would supplement my running and hiking with pilates, yoga and cycle classes. While this was an adjustment, what was most important in lockdown (and still is) is the safety and health of people.

I spent more time outdoors and got creative with workouts. I often did Megan Roup’s class virtually as well as mat pilates with Erika Bloom. I’d stream Tracy Anderson arm classes off of YouTube.

Now with classes resuming where I live, I wear my mask and wipe down any and all machines used. Every Thursday morning I take Pilates with Jenna Meyer, sometimes Caroline Grant and will pick up a cycle class with Alexa Kubica.

Who do you look to for inspiration when you’re finding it hard to keep pushing forward?

My Mother. She was widowed in her early thirties with an 11 month old daughter. She lost the love of her life, but had to her everything––her new baby girl. My Mother picked herself up and went on to create an amazing life for herself while navigating that grief. She has never felt sorry for herself, but rather, she has found silver linings along the way. She makes the best of every situation and somehow manages to find the time to fly around the US to visit each of her four children.

What do you wake up every day looking forward to?

A cup of organic espresso, the day’s workout ahead and exploring something new. I am a curious person and learning, while exploring new parts of the world near and far, excites me.

What are some phrases that define how you live your life?

One foot in front of the other
You got this!
Health is wealth!
Slow down, breathe, this too shall pass
“Strong back, soft front, wild heart” - Brené Brown

What are you most proud of?

Recovering from and continuously battling an eating disorder. I am proud to stand strong, healthy and grounded today. A long way from my teen years. I am proud of my friends and family for their daily efforts in life. I am surrounded by an incredible group of people.

What’s your message to the world?

I recently saw this post and it really resonated with me. It is something my Grandmother would have said: “And in the end, we’ll realize that love is the only thing we take with us. Because it’s the only real thing we have.”

I recently saw this post and it really resonated with me. It is something my Grandmother would have said: “And in the end, we’ll realize that love is the only thing we take with us. Because it’s the only real thing we have.”

Human connection and having a front row seat to witnessing brilliant minds at work. I have traveled the world and worked with celebrities, the best makeup artists and hair stylists, producers, creative directors and writers. In the end, the most rewarding part of it all is meeting and connecting with these glorious people and learning from them, listening to them and laughing with them.

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