Iman Hasan

Iman Hasan is the CEO and Founder of IHC Agency, a female-run, full service creative agency based in Miami and NYC.

What have you learned about yourself through growing IHC?

I am a lot stronger than many may expect me to be, especially thanks to my mental endurance and my ability to set boundaries.

What have you found, through growing IHC, has been the most difficult obstacle to overcome?

Separating my professional life from my personal life. IHC is so intertwined with my thoughts and my daily activities; it's my life. It is very easy to get caught up in how much is happening at the same time. Through meditation and spiritual healings, I am able to clear my mind and focus on the present.

What is one thing you would change about building IHC thus far?

There is not much I would change about IHC. We focus on creating an empowering environment for our team and clients to flourish.

What have you found to be the most fulfilling while excelling in your industry?

The most fulfilling aspect of my life is being able to mentor the girls that are part of my team and witnessing them grow. My team is my family, and I love each of its members dearly. Being able to see these girls grow everyday and learn skills that they can incorporate into their everyday lives is beyond fulfilling. When the work gets hard this is truly what gets me through the day.

What is your approach to having a healthy work/life balance?

It is so vital to utilize the 24-hours we are given each day efficiently. When it comes to my work life, it’s as busy as it gets. Running a start-up is equivalent to selling your soul to the devil (the devil being yourself in this case). I spend my time running around and putting out fires, however one thing I will never compromise on is my physical health. I wake up at 5 am everyday, to ensure I can make the most of every minute and every second. I then walk my dogs, do my skin care routine, have breakfast, spend time with my hubby and am on my way to work. When I am at work my mind is in full work mode but I am so lucky for my team as they keep me at peace and really help in ways that not many people understand unless you are in the situation.

What do you wake up every day looking forward to?

When I wake up in the morning the first thing i think to myself is “what fires do i have to put out today” but that's the thrill of the game. I am so lucky to have my best friend and partner in crime with me in the office. Brooke truly is my work-wife and makes the day and the problems we face infinitely more fun. So, I would have to say the thing I am most excited about each morning is coming into work and getting sh*t done with my coworkers by my side.

Who do you look to for inspiration when you’re finding it hard to keep pushing forward?

I look towards my team, my mentors and my husband. Oftentimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but having people you can ground yourself with is crucial. Having a good support system is not only important in a professional setting, but is necessary to be woven throughout the personal and spiritual aspects of my life.

What do you love about yourself?

Resilience is something that I have come to acknowledge and love about myself. I have grown a lot recently, and uncovered subconscious traumas I was not aware of.

Through all of my struggles, I have found the strength to continue.

What are you most proud of?

IHC is my baby. It took a lot to get to where I am today. People see my persona on the internet and assume that it's all glamour but anyone who really knows me and is around me everyday knows this is far from true. It has taken a lot of sweat, a lot of determination, a river of tears, a lot of heartbreak and a lot of faith to get to where I am today. Actually after writing this I'm changing my answer. I am most proud of myself. Most importantly I am most proud of being me and never straying from that, no matter the challenges or opportunities that have come my way.

What inspires you to be yourself?

I feel that only when you operate from a true, authentic place, you are able to create what you want to create. Whether it's the people I surround myself with, in my personal life, my agency, the team around me, what kind of clients we work with, everyone resonates with my value system and the way I see the world. Even though everyone is different and has their own attributes, there is an underlying thread of authenticity woven throughout the people in my life. When you’re not authentic to yourself, I feel things do not work out for you. Being true to me is recognizing things that matter. Themes that are important to me are accountability, honesty and credibility. If something does not align with my values, I will remove myself from that frequency because I do not believe in operating from an inauthentic place. I am a big believer of human design and within that, I am a manifesting generator, which essentially means one must stay true to themselves.

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