Our Mission

At Lanston, our mission is to inspire self-confidence, a brand of confidence that is truly effortless. Be Inspired to be Yourself is about owning your individuality with wild abandon. We are all connected at hyper speed and it is so easy to lose ourselves in the current. Effortless confidence is about giving yourself permission to just be who you are and boldly loving all of yourself. When you shine, your light shines the way for others. By sharing your story, you are giving others the courage to be in their own power.

Join the movement, what inspires you to be yourself?

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Her Story

Ali Heiss and Stella Simona

Ali Heiss and Stella Simona, creative directors and co-owners of Amarilo and Haati Chai, two jewelry lines based in Los Angeles. They aim to give women an effortlessly accessorized look with fine accessories ranging from minimal to bold statement pieces. Ali and stella both run their individual lifestyle blogs, on top of managing their businesses.

Jan McCarthy

Meet Jan McCarthy, an artist, entrepreneur, creative developer, podcast host, and all around creative mind with an eye for accessorizing and an endlessly inspiring message. Jan has created a life around not only raising a family but making a name for herself as a businesswoman and now works to spread her knowledge with coaching programs for other women in the area.

Maya Talisa

Meet Maya Talisa, a fitness, yoga, and boxing instructor with double masters from UCLA and University of Texas, in Public Health and Kinesiology. Maya started as a swimmer and Martial Artist, and over the years continues training in krav maga, judo, boxing, kickboxing, and yoga, and now offers classes and workshops that provide a dynamic and holistic fitness experience. Over the years, Maya’s expertise in health and fitness have gotten the attention of Fabletics, Yoga Tune Up, MindBodyGreen, and more.

Allison Wood

Meet Allison Wood, she is augmenting your reality with her company Camera IQ. Since branching out from her artistic roots and creating her own tech business, she has partnered with various venues and companies such as Coachella, Spotify, and Fab Fit Fun to enhance experiences with VR functionality using just your phone.

Jenna Reiss

Meet Jenna Reiss, a healer, writer, and breathwork coach at Unplug Meditation. After a decade of working in marketing, she left the corporate world behind to begin a whole new journey. Working with a variety of methods such as intuitive thinking, therapeutic conversation, essential oils, crystal healing, and musical sounds, Jenna aims to help her clients rediscover their self love and higher truth as they move through their stuck energies.

Miss Val

Meet Miss Val, the championship winning coach, director, and choreographer of the UCLA Gymnastics team, breast cancer survivor, and author. Throughout her 35 year career with UCLA, Miss Val has coached the Bruins to 7 NCAA national championships and 14 Pac-12 Conference championships. Miss Val believes that life is a choice and she continuously aims to empower and inspire women and those around her.

Shayla Quinn

Meet Shayla Quinn, a mindful living yoga instructor, blogger and content creator living in Los Angeles. After moving to LA to pursue her dreams of working in entertainment, Shayla found yoga and knew this was her true calling. Her goal has become to share ways of making self-care simple and sustainable, and inspire her followers to connect with others that are on the same path. Shayla has a lust for life and is eager to share her optimism with the rest of the world.

Aja Dang

Meet Aja Dang, a beauty, health and lifestyle vlogger who has made a career based on inspiring others. After 13 years of being a broadcast journalist, Aja transitioned into vlogging and blogging to become an advocate and show her fans that its ok to be unapologetically confident. Aja has become known for her upfront honesty and her commitment to self growth, gaining her the attention of Burts Bee’s, Asics, Refinery29 and more.

Kelly LeVeque

Meet Kelly LeVeque, a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, published author, and celebrity health coach in Los Angeles. After leaving her job in the medical field, Kelly used her knowledge, and passion for science and nutrition to become a certified wellness coach and has worked to improve people's relationships with their bodies, and the food that they eat. Since starting her consulting business, Kelly has worked with top celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, Emmy Rossum, Molly Sims, and many more.

Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik

Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are co-hosts and creators of the Almost 30 Podcast, covering wellness, spirituality, travel, style, entrepreneurship, and much more. Krista and Lindsey work to inspire 20-somethings who need their questions answered with the help of guests that range from nutritionists, businesswomen, comedians, models and more. When they are not working on the podcast, Krista creates and edits The Hundred Blog, and Lindsey is a Soulcycle instructor, model, and actress in west LA.

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